Live by Design not by Default!!

 Does anyone believe in living by design and not by Default? What does that really mean? According to the law of attraction and many wealthy people it means to visualize your life how one wants to live and work towards that life. Imagination is the key to all things that one’s heart desires. Believing the life that is being imagined has already come to pass. Is this an easy task? No, it is not but anything worth having doesn’t come easy. 

Thank you,

Life love n ish.. 


I know it has been a while but I am back! I just wanted to post on never giving up on yourself and your dreams. I have just finished my last class and I will have my Bachelor degree of science in Health Care Administration.. I am so excited. I had many trials and just poor judgement during my journey to getting this degree. I kept pushing on. When I had my son I knew I had to get this degree so that he could look at his mother as a role model.  As the late great Maya Angelou said” You will encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated ” This is my life’s motto. Real Ish people.

Thank you,

Life, Love and ISH….





Stunt Game!!

Hello, my good people how good is your stunt game? So we all want to appear more established than we are at times or tell a little white lie due to not wanting to appear having less than what you have. This is called your Stunt game – acting as if you have more money, degrees, men, women, or whatever it is the situation calls for. Old school people call it “Fake it til you make it”. Now true story, I was out at a very classy dinner party for a friend of a friend.The restaurant is a place where I would not frequent on the regular but that is where the party was.  Now I am a woman of a certain age so I know how to act grown or act like I have class when I need to. Well, I sat next to two women in their late 20’s who was trying to stunt a little too hard. First of all you’re at a restaurant and you order bottled water. Ok, no shade maybe they had a bad experience with restaurant water. Secondly, you turn to me and ask “hey how is this thing being done are the checks separate?  I had to ask but of course, I replied ” Yes, the checks are separate. Like you up in the restaurant acting Bougie as hell and you asking me about the check? Them when the checks come you and your home girl checking every line on the check and counting those coins frivolously. I am telling this story to say Ladies get your stunt game together if you are going to Stunt in public make sue you have your ish together so that no one can see through it.  Love you all


Thanks  for reading,

Love, Life, and Ish…

Woman’s Rights!!

Today is January 21,2017 and we have a new President Donald Trump.. Today there has also been numerous women rights marches in almost every state. Does the President really need to be reminded that women have rights? What year is this again? Oh yes as I stated in the beginning of this post it is 2017.  I guess our Poor President’s womanizing, disgusting words came back to bite him! He stated  that “Grabs Women by the Pu$$y” Wow and now he is the President of the United States!!  Well Mr. President Trump let me remind that Women are the most intelligent, faithful, Powerful creatures on earth. It is funny how the greatest movie was just released symbolizing how woman has been behind some of the greatest inventions in history. “Hidden Figures” Was an inspiring, eye-opening, historical movie. Now all African-American, Latino, and all other minority and Caucasian women  can have this movie and the women in it added to all of the other powerful Phenomenal women in History and in the world today. Women have been holding down households and families for decades. Women have struggled along side of every man, there was Adam and Eve, Jackie and Ted Kennedy, Coretta and Martin Luther King, Betty and Malcolm X, and I can not forget our recent power couple Michelle and Former President Obama. These are just some of the powerful women behind powerful men in history.  Yes, women have rights to be as intelligent, fabulous, bosses, voters, mothers, lovers, wives, judges, lawyers, doctors, astronauts, mathematicians, poets, singers, and any other profession they want to be. With all this being said and all of the Marches and protesting now President Trump will know Women are America!


Thank You,

Life, Love, and Ish

Wasted Efforts…

Ladies married or single,  do you every try and do a little something different for your husband, boyfriend , or man friend? You know to maybe spice things up or you just because you too haven’t seen each other in a while?  Isn’t that a nice jester cause life is busy as heck for you both.. So recently, I thought hmm let me spice things up some you know cause my man has been working hard and was out of town.. Ladies, I pulled out the stops had a sitter and all got all dolled up makeup, lingerie, baby oiled up.. Ha ha you know we cant be sexy and ashy.. Lol anyway im waiting we’ve been texting all day and what not.. “Baby love you cant wait to see you tonight” .. Ladies.. He called and  it was like 3am.. you know i fell asleep but still cute though just to realize he wasn’t come over.. In my mind im like damn all my efforts are wasted.. Next time all his ass will gets the big grandma drawers!.. He he.. Yea that’s that Life, Love, and ish….

Have a Happy New Year’s !!

Love ya,

Life love N ISH..

End of 2016 Reflection

        As I am reflecting on 2016 and the year end.. I keep seeing people post the question what do you want to leave in 2016?? All I want to leave behind in 2016 are my images of Love and positivity because these are the things that make the world continue to spin around. Yes, I could say I am leaving behind  negativity or the entire second half of 2016, which was the worst in my book. Instead, of dwelling on it and giving it extra fuel. I have taken my life lessons that the almighty has projected for me to learn and have made a mental note of it, looked for a positive spin on it and , put a smile on my face and proceed to move forward to greater opportunities in my life. I am thankful for my faith, family, and friends. I am ready to embrace the new year of 2017 because I know it will be my best year for coming into my purpose. Duces 2016..

Thank You,

Life Love and Ish.

MR. Wrong…

Ok, Ladies let’s talk, why do we always go for Mr. Wrong? You know the bad boy, rude boy, the Ruff Rider, Rough around the edges type dude? Why are all good women attracted to this type of dude? Hmm is it the mystery in his eyes? Is it the fact that he can “put it on you” , Ladies we all know that Mr. Wrong is normally Mr. Right now. Mr. Road to Nowhere, Mr. Deadbeat/ dead-end, or is it the fact that Mr. wrong Challenges us and we love a challenge don’t we ladies..  Why do we entertain him over Mr. Boring or Mr. Straight and Narrow? Knowing that they will treat us like queens.. I mean that is what we want right ladies to be treated like the Queens that we are.. Oh, Mr. Wrong why do you keep me up at nights thinking and yearning for your conversation or touch? Damn ladies am I the only one who wants  to accept the challenge and change Mr. Wrong into Mr. Right?

I guess I better listen to MJB..” Me and Mr. Wrong get alone so good, Even though he breaks my heart so bad…We got a special thing going on
Me and Mr. Wrong (mister wrong)”

Thank you,

Life, Love, and ISH…