How many of us trust ourselves? Just go with our first instinct when making life decisions? Listening to that inner voice? I know from my own life journey I had to learn how to trust myself. To know that I would not let myself down. Know that my source or higher power would not let me fail.  This self-trusting is an active, conscious, and daily struggle in life.  Know that if you can not trust yourself you can not trust anyone else. Practice Self-Love .

Thank you,

Life, Love N Ish. 


Happy 2018!!

It’s a New Year 2018!.  This is the time when people in society start to make promises of what they are or aren’t going to do in the new year. Some promises are reflections of things that were done in 2017 that didn’t quite work for them or the  things that they didn’t do.  For the last week leading up to 2018, I have been hearing a message from many spiritual leaders which stated in a nutshell, “Leave the past in the past and Look forward to the future”. I am going to make a mindful and accountable effort to do this. I will not dwell on my 2017 issues,hurts, or achievements instead I will set new goals for 2018 and strive to succeed!

HAPPY New Years!!

Life, Love, Ish..

What’s your Lane?

Every hear that expression stay in your own lane? What does that mean? What if one does not know what lane they are supposed to be in? I mean there are several lanes one can belong in depending on their lifestyle. How does one find their lane? I have been pondering this for some time now. As an idealist my lane is so open.. it is an endless road to many opportunities and endeavors. Who says one has to fit in one particular lane? Society has a way of doing this making people want to fit in groups because society has this ideal societal culture. Well, as Maxine waters says”I’m reclaiming my lane” lol she actually said time but hey I’m improvising.

I am not choosing a lane because I was created wonderfully and uniquely made so my lane is ever changing and transforming. My lane is full of exciting poetry, art, music, family, Motherhood, Sisterhood, intellectual conversations about current events, the Harlem renaissance and etc.

Do you know your lane?


This post is for my ladies.. Okay question how many of you have faked the big “O”??  Once, twice, or two many times to even count. Ladies in 2017 we do not have to fake it anymore! What if I told you there were enhancement products that can get us to the big “O” faster? Would you utilize them as your little secret?  Shhhh.. your significant other doesn’t have to know..  Food for thought.. Did you know it takes women 20 minutes to get aroused??? Something to ponder right?? 

Thank You,

LIFE, Love, N ISh.. 

Life affirmations!

          How many people believe in life affirmations?  The law of attraction states that if one can change their mind then they can change their life. Positive thinking and affirmations will change your life. It is said that it takes 14 days to change one thinking. I find this fascinating. Anyone can change their negative thinking about their life to a positive lifestyle then why aren’t people doing it more often? Successful people have managed to manifest positive energy and life changing events in their lives and win!. This thinking is as old as 1871 or older people like Florence shovel shin to Joe Vitale.  Some of my favorite ones are ” I accept myself as I am now under grace and perfect way”  That is so powerful!! Another is All that is mine in my Devine right will be released to me now in avalanches of abundance under grace and perfect way! There are so many Positive life affirmations out there grab one and repeat it daily!  Life is too short to be unhappy if changing your happiness is in your own hands. 

Thank you,

Life, Love, and Ish!

Live by Design not by Default!!

 Does anyone believe in living by design and not by Default? What does that really mean? According to the law of attraction and many wealthy people it means to visualize your life how one wants to live and work towards that life. Imagination is the key to all things that one’s heart desires. Believing the life that is being imagined has already come to pass. Is this an easy task? No, it is not but anything worth having doesn’t come easy. 

Thank you,

Life love n ish..